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I'm a newly-minted Seattleite (one year, and counting), who's still not a fan of coffee but powers through the day with bike rides and the occasional croissant. I spend my days on the Lake Union docks, strategizing and implementing a rich variety of marketing initiatives for a luxury yacht dealership and their manufacturing counterpart. Check out my work here

My background is in marketing, graphic design, and environmental studies. My marketing experience varies from creating content to analyzing campaign performances to optimizing websites. I get excited when I'm able to combine my creative and strategic strengths along with my inspiration for the outdoors. 

I'm always on the move, whether it's exploring Seattle's nooks and crannies or just the thoughts coursing through my head. Some of my latest endeavors include honing in on my web design capabilities, keeping up with my watercolor paintingco-founding a magazine, and trekking through the wilds of West Virginia. 

I'm looking for a career/work that can utilize both my analytical and creative talents. I love a challenge and besting my past work, and learning from the world around me. Check out my portfolio and CV below to get an idea of what I can do. 

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